PillPack is a full-service pharmacy that sorts your medication by the dose and delivers directly to your door.

As PillPack’s internal video producer, I was responsible for the: writing, producing, editing, and post-production on this national campaign. I owned all editing, color-correction, and post-production internally. Working directly with our media agency, we were able to quickly A/B test multiple versions and quickly iterate the creative.

By highlighting the pain points of the typical bright and mortar, we wanted the viewer to question their current pharmacy experience. With PillPack, you never have to stand in line, sort your pills, or worry about how taking your medication fits into your daily routine. Does your pharmacy do that?

EP: Colin Raney | Director: @tommygohammy | DP: @kylecouture | AC: @taylor_pelletier | Edit & Color: @josh.foisey | Producer:  @chrisgilmorephoto | Project Manager: @jonelle514

Project Manager: @harryehrlich | Gaffer: @thezenspark | Grip: Dave Romano | Sound: Tim Wright | Mix: Modulus Studios | GFX: Matt Khaiser

Props: Michael Cataldo | Makeup: Claudia Moriel | Wardrobe: Lauren D’Aviolo | PA’s: Matt Hamer, Caroline Maguire, @nboozan