Formlabs is widely recognized for being the industry leader of desktop 3D printers. 

Having been an early employee, I was a member of the marketing team that launched the Form 2 — the best selling 3D printer of all time.

As the company’s first in-house video producer, video was a driving force behind the Form 2’s launch campaign. With more than 2.6 million views, the Unboxing video remains Formlabs most viewed video over 3 years later. 

Product Launches

Role: DP | Editor | Colorist

Production supPort: We Are Films, Jon Gourlay

I joined Formlabs prior to the launch of their flagship product — the Form 2. As a member of the Marketing Team, I created the video assets used to launch the printer in September, 2015. Following the launch of the printer, I supported numerous material releases through video.

Form 2 | Form Wash + Form Cure | Engineering Materials

Branded Content

Role: Producer | DP | Editor

Production suPport: Jon Gourlay

3D-Printed Violin

White Resin reformulation

Kitchen Extensions

April Fools, 2017

Deck Cam

Tough Resin Use Case | WHITE PAPER

Our videographer, Josh, has been making skateboarding videos for years with a hand-held video camera, so we decided to design and 3D print a mount that would attach a GoPro to the bottom of his skateboard. We call it the Deck Cam.

Customer Stories

Role: Producer | DP | Editor

Formlabs’ customers are finding amazing ways to utilize the Form 2, here are a few of my favorites.

The Shirley Technique | Handsmith | CMR Dental | Right Hand Robotics | Clear Design | Custom Jewelry | Rest Devices

Explainer Videos

Role: Producer | DP | Editor

SLA (stereolithography) is a complex 3D printing technique that uses lasers to harden liquid resin into plastic. Video was a great way to communicate it’s advantages.

Event Coverage

Role: DP | Editor

Formlabs’ printers are utilized in a wide range of industries. This enabled me to attended trade shows all over the country and share the Form 2’s many use cases.