Born out of MIT, Atolla uses machine learning to create personalized skin care formulas.

Following a successful pop-up shop, Atolla looked to Kickstarter to bring their subscription box to production.


Fully funded within 24hrs | Surpassed funding goal by nearly %200

Working with Josh on our Kickstarter exceeded all expectations! The video he shot and produced helped us exceed our funding goal in just 24 hours. Not only is he an incredible producer, both talented and organized, but he is amazing at translating a brand identity into video. Josh helped us do something essential for an early-stage tech company: take a complicated concept and translate it to a simple, clear narrative.
— Meghan Maupin, Founder & CEO

Creative Director: Meg Maupin | DP, Edit, Color: @josh.foisey | Producer:  Liz Joyce | GFX: John Stillman | Mix: Ugly Duck Studios